Accounting Consulting Services

Find out what the next steps will benefit your business the most.

Enhance Your Finances With Our Accounting Consulting Services

With our tax planning and preparation services, your business can stay ahead of issues and changes it needs to make. The addition of consultative meetings will help you distinguish which remedial fix is best for your business. If your business could benefit from a different tax structure or if you have a simple filing question, our partners are here to assist with over 40 years of experience.

Through our different packages offered, we can figure out which accounting consulting service works best for your business’s needs. Swick offers:

  • Entity evaluation and planning
  • Reasonable compensation analysis
  • Processes and procedure review
  • Fractional CFO Services
  • And More

Let Swick Guide Your Financial Decisions With Expert Advice

Our partners have 40 years of experience surrounding taxes and accounting. With our guidance, you can maximize your business’s finances, no matter the industry.

Partner With an Accounting Consulting Company With Broad Industry Experience

Swick has been serving the restaurant industry as a consulting service. Since then, we have broadened our horizons to different business accounting consulting for legal and medical private practices, construction, and many other entrepreneurial entities. We offer our accounting services to any business owner looking to get the most from their taxes and structures.

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Frequently Asked Accounting Consulting Questions

Absolutely. The nature of Swick’s services makes them highly customizable, at the discretion of our partners after your initial free consultation. We take great care in selecting what services you need, and none you don’t.

Of course! Our business accounting consulting doesn’t just end after one piece of advice. We have this helpfulness built into our entire culture, making sure you have the care and consideration you would get from a smaller firm, as well as the expertise of a larger one.

We are proud to say that Swick utilizes a flat-fee billing structure, where our partners view your services holistically. We take into account the level of communication you need and won’t charge you hourly for communication or assistance.