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Account for Everything With Our Extensive Industry Experience

With 40 years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique financial landscapes, regulations, and challenges faced by businesses, we proudly serve clients across a catalog of sectors. From legal firms requiring precise trust accounting to construction companies navigating project-based finances and tax planning, from restaurants optimizing payroll to real estate ventures managing complex property portfolios, Swick offers comprehensive solutions. Our team’s expertise spans these industries and more, ensuring that each client receives personalized, strategic financial support to thrive in their respective fields.

Discover Our Core Industries

While Swick originally began in the restaurant industry, our experience in the last 40 years has included an array of different companies and specialties.

  • Restaurants

    Optimize payroll and streamline tax planning for your restaurant. Swick offers tailored accounting solutions for restaurants, ensuring accurate financial management and compliance with industry regulations to maximize profitability.

  • Real Estate

    Maximize returns and minimize liabilities in your real estate ventures. Swick provides comprehensive accounting services tailored for property owners, investors, and developers, ensuring accurate financial management and strategic planning.

  • Construction

    Streamline project-based accounting and cost tracking. Swick specializes in accounting solutions for construction businesses, optimizing financial performance and navigating industry-specific regulations with precision.

  • Legal

    Navigate legal accounting and compliance with confidence. Swick offers tailored accounting services for legal firms and private practices, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and confidentiality in financial matters.

Elevate Your Accounting and Finance With Our Specialized Services

Swick’s dedicated team is ready to assist you with our back-office outsourcing services.

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Find Big Firm Value With a Local Personal Touch

Here at Swick, our extensive industry knowledge doesn’t come with a sky-high price tag. We keep our rates competitive in order to bring you cost-effective solutions for your accounting and tax processing. We understand how important these solutions can be for your business, which is why we aim to give you the best value on the market.