Outsourced Payroll Services and HR Assistance

Make sure your payroll is organized and accounted for.

Ensure Your Employees Get Paid on Time With Our Payroll Solutions for Businesses

When it comes to payroll data, your business can’t afford to miss a beat. From payroll processing and preparation to W-2s and tax filing, Swick takes care of every portion of your process. Our team takes great care to ensure your books are done properly and quickly, even expanding your services to consulting or complete monthly accounting should you need them. By outsourcing payroll services, you can get back to doing what you do best–running your business.

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Get Big Firm Service at Small Firm Pricing

Our managed payroll services cover an end-to-end process at prices that compete with the best. You don’t have to sacrifice your wallet for the services you need. Every one of our clients receives their own payroll specialist dedicated to their business and helping them navigate their finances. This ensures a personal experience for every client and acute attention to detail.

Make Attendance and Time Cards a Worry of the Past

With our advanced software capabilities, we can streamline your clock-in and clock-out process. This allows us to add up and adjust payroll directly, allowing you to focus on larger issues. Essentially, partnering with Swick is like having a personal payroll team at your disposal. For any industry, our outsourced payroll services keep you ahead of anything your employees might need.

Payroll Problems? Find a Solution in the Swick of Time

Don’t let payroll notices get you down. Stay ahead of the curve with our complete payroll services. As a cost-effective solution for businesses, we can help alleviate your stress without breaking the bank.

Find Human Resources Solutions That Streamline Operations and Onboarding

In addition to our outsourced payroll services, we offer complete employee onboarding. Swick offers a solution to this tedious process, allowing you to focus on more pressing matters. We take care of all the back-office legwork that allows you to start training and saves time on paperwork.

Utilize WOTC for Your Employee Demographic

Our partners are adept at locating tax benefits within your current and future employee base and will work hard to find out where you can save and receive money. For our onboarding services, we take this into consideration when presenting you with every possible option. This skill is an excellent addition to our outsourced payroll services, as it can help when filing your payroll taxes.

Locate Your Perfect Employee With Our Onboarding Process Solutions

Our platform gives our clients the autonomy to place an ad for a new position, receive resumes, filter out descriptors, and more to give you a head start on filling that vacancy. Your next elite employee could be just a call away.

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