Complete Tax Planning Services

Elevate your tax filings and business tax planning with our expertise.

Spearhead Your Taxes and Plan for the Future

With Swick’s tax planning services, your business can focus on the important things it does without the stress of taxes and organization. We crunch all the critical numbers for you and create a spotless portfolio that is ready for you when the time to file comes. For 40 years, our ultimate goal for your business has been to keep your taxes as low as possible, putting more money into your and your business’s pockets. With our experience, monitoring and tracking your taxes month to month can help you prepare for whatever expenses will come in your return.

  • End-to-End Tax Accounting Services for Your Peace of Mind

    Swick is your total tax planning service, helping you prepare for them month-to-month as well. Our team will help you discern where your money is going, and how to file with the greatest intention. Whether it’s business or personal, we make sure every dollar is accounted for and working for you, not against. From beginning to end, your taxes are our priority.

  • Year-Round Corporate Tax Planning for Comprehensive Filing

    To give your business the insight it needs to make informed decisions, we make tax planning a year-round effort. Your dollars can be put to better use knowing what areas you spend more or less on throughout the year. For our clients in real-estate, retail, and other varying income structures, this planning can help you stay on top of your expenses and taxes even when things get hectic.

Stay on Top of Tax Planning and Preparation—With Swick, Taxes Just Click

Don’t let tax season sneak up on your business. We have the expertise to keep you prepared for filing all year.

Maximize Your Tax Benefits With Our Industry Expertise

Swick has specialized in restaurant taxes and accounting services. We understand the tedious nature of sales tax, property tax, and tip allocations. Our industry experience has since branched out to include partners in legal and medical private practices, construction companies, and entrepreneurial LLCs. If you’ve been looking for a reliable partner for your tax planning services, Swick is the service for you.

Frequently Asked Tax Planning Questions

Nope! We have software and capabilities to access your bills each month as they come in, creating a seamless experience where you never miss a deadline.

No problem. We take a holistic approach to your tax work, helping you locate any and all tax breaks that would serve your business for better. If there is money to save in your tax planning, Swick will help you save it.

Swick is different from a large corporation tax service. We offer fixed-rate billing, so you don’t have to worry about receiving a bill for a 15-minute call. Our billing looks at the total service, and everything, including communication, is considered.