Monthly Business Accounting Services

Handle your monthly accounting completely with our all-in-one services.

Streamline Your Operations by Delegating Your Back Office Accounting Tasks

Here at Swick and Associates, we take great care of your finances, making sure your accounting needs are met with precision and speed. Our dedicated team offers monthly business accounting services that take the burden off your internal operations.

We offer a Monthly Compilation service that includes:

  • Reconciling bank accounts: Aligning your accounts each month to track your finances
  • Reconciling credit card accounts: Tracking your spending and flagging suspicious activity
  • Reconciling loans: Managing your loans and ensuring they are accounted for
  • Sales tax filings and payment: Accounting for every expense and filing proper amounts
  • Providing comparative reports: Documenting and presenting you with accurate information
  • Annual personal property filing: For tax purposes and peace of mind when tax season arrives
  • Add-On accounts payable services: Our additional AP services aren’t included, but can help bolster your monthly compilation services
  • Forget About Missed Deadlines and Bills With Our Direct Processing

    At Swick, we can access your data and information directly and ensure your bills and deadlines are met on time, every time. Through our read-only access options, we can handle your data and information the minute it arrives without you having to worry. Business accounting services like ours help put your money to good use year-round.

  • Stay on Top of Your Finances Year-Round With Outsourced Accounting Services

    We understand how busy your life can get running a business. One month may be slow, but the next, you’re drowning in paperwork and fighting fires. That’s where our monthly business accounting services save the day. No matter what time of year you’re the busiest, your accounting will never fall behind.

Eliminate Confusion in Your Finances With Professional Accounting Services

Say goodbye to stressing about your financial accounting needs, and partner up with Swick for a solution that covers your back office needs completely.

2 team members in office at computer

Explore Industry-Oriented Solutions Tailored to Your Business’s Unique Needs

For over 40 years, Swick has been serving restaurants with our monthly business accounting services. In addition to our expertise in food service accounting, we have helped numerous private practices in the legal and real estate industries manage their finances year-round. By allowing us to track and manage your finances month-to-month, you can be sure all of your business is accounted for.

No Matter What Solutions Your Business Needs, Our Team Can Help

With our help, you can focus on the parts of your business that require your undivided attention. Some national accounting firms are hard to communicate with or may leave you feeling like just another client. Swick is different. We take great care to show your business the service it deserves and delegate each client to a personal bookkeeper and accounting manager. Our personal mission is to bring big firm quality business accounting services at small firm prices.